About CeraNova - CeraNova


CeraNova’s mission is to be a leading provider of advanced manufacturing and innovative products for cutting-edge engineered materials.

Our Values


CeraNova has a long established culture based on honesty, trust, sincerity, and open communication.  The company’s reputation on these points is impeccable.  We value our relationships with customers, suppliers, consultants, and employees.  We interact with mutual respect, courtesy, appreciation, and confidentiality, while remaining fair and ethical in all situations.


At CeraNova, we are focused and passionate about achieving objectives and delivering excellence.   Regardless of the deliverable type – whether it’s a technical assessment, process improvement, test report, OEM component, or finished product – we apply a dynamic work ethic to deliver on requirements and specifications while meeting or exceeding cost performance and schedule targets.


CeraNova’s employees are committed to finding better solutions that create value for our customers.  We take pride in our ability to deliver advanced manufacturing processes and innovative product designs, and we welcome challenges other companies may regard as too difficult or outside their comfort zone.  Our approach to the innovation process always seeks the simplest and most cost effective solutions possible.


As a company, CeraNova is fully dedicated to achieving results for its customers.  We take ownership of the challenges with which we are tasked, and assume full responsibility for executing on projects and deliverables.  As employees, we are accountable to each other for meeting our commitments and we take responsibility for our individual actions.  We operate collaboratively and work proactively to get things done.


As a company, our first goal always is to facilitate our customers’ success, regardless of visibility for CeraNova.  As employees, we seek what is best for the company.  We are egoless when searching for the best solutions, and we exercise humility and respect when dealing with others.  We work together and help each other out, sharing information openly, earnestly, and sincerely.


We understand the urgency of our customers’ projects and are vigorous about being responsive.  CeraNova’s smaller size allows it to be extremely nimble and address customer needs with dexterity, precision, and speed.  At times, we may need to take the “wearing many hats” adage to extremes, but it is an important aspect of how we work to provide fast response times and lower costs.

CeraNova’s Value Proposition

Designers and manufacturers of advanced defense systems, industrial products, and electronic devices are constantly being challenged to find new state-of-the-art materials and components that will enable system/product performance to reach ever higher levels.

Wherever advanced or high performance ceramic components are needed, CeraNova’s proprietary materials and processes can deliver. Our focus is on optical and high strength materials, process and product development, and cost reduction. We develop new and cost effective solutions that provide a compelling competitive advantage for our customers. We draw upon our decades of expertise and work with our customers to deliver exceptional solutions through customized material compositions, product and tooling design innovation, and advanced manufacturing methods.