Business Focus - CeraNova

CeraNova is focused on the development and manufacturing of advanced materials products. We work with our customers in the areas of product design, feasibility, prototyping, process development, and manufacturing systems planning. We love to solve problems and will take on the advanced materials and manufacturing challenges other companies will not!

Product Development

CeraNova works with its customers to develop products that will meet the most demanding applications. Our methodologies are based in a stage-gate approach to ensure that the development process and milestone targets are well thought out and provide meaningful feedback points. We apply design-for-manufacturability (DFM) assessments throughout the development cycle.

Feasibility and Prototyping

CeraNova is eager to accept the challenge of assisting our customers move from R&D to prototype development. We can assemble a team to provide the specific capabilities and expertise necessary to process, finish, and evaluate prototype components for feasibility and proof testing.

Process Development

A good design and prototype in hand is only the first part of the solution. An efficient, cost-effective, and robust manufacturing process is imperative to a product’s success. CeraNova works with customers to develop process solutions that that meet these goals. Successfully address their demanding applications. We utilize our technology and extensive expertise in ceramics and materials to help our customers improve existing products, tailor materials for new products and applications, and increase manufacturing efficiency and product performance through process improvements.

Pilot and Low Volume Manufacturing

CeraNova is uniquely positioned to provide pilot scale and small volume manufacturing services necessary for introduction and evaluation of new products. Our team has experience with custom manufacturing to exacting specifications to produce parts for niche markets and applications.

Manufacturing Systems

For higher volume needs, CeraNova partners with the customer’s manufacturing and development team to develop turn-key systems and to transfer production processes back to the customer’s facility.